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John Stevens

John Stevens

John has been practicing on his own account since 1981 … you'd think he should have got it right by now!

John prides himself on his ability to recognise clients' needs and to help facilitate the achievement of their dreams and ambitions.

Whilst most of John's assistance focuses on financial and business matters and wealth creation, he holds the strong belief that real wealth only comes from having a balance of asset, family, fun, community, work and health.

John's most precious assets are his wife, Malti, his five beautiful daughters, Yasmin, Karina, Zoe, Riya and Ashani and his male counterpart, his grandson, Leon.

John's most important monetary measures are: -

  • "Earn more than you spend"; and
  • "Have more assets than liabilities".

Whilst John is certainly not risk adverse, he believes in sound financial planning and expert advice.

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